MarineTT (European Marine Research Knowledge Transfer and Uptake of Results)




Start: February 2010
Duration: 24 months
Funding Programme: 7th Framework Programme (FP7)
Sub-Programme: Co-Operation: Theme 6: Environment (including  Climate Change)
Funding Scheme: Coordination and support actions
Funding: €782,000

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The European Union Sixth Framework Programme (2000-2006) funded 458 marine research projects worth more than €848 million in grant-aid. In addition to this, an estimated 124 marine research projects worth €297 million grant aid has already been funded under the Seventh Framework Programme (2007 – 2013). However, a large amount of potentially valuable knowledge generated from these projects, is locked into inaccessible or non user-friendly contexts and is unused because key stakeholders are not aware of its existence. The aim of MarineTT will unlock this knowledge and link it to the suitable end user.


  • To obtain a more comprehensive understanding of the knowledge generated from projects by reviewing the research outcomes with a view to identifying what knowledge can be transferred for exploitation.
  • To unlock the potential of knowledge by developing and trialling an innovative evaluation mechanism, to identify those research activities with the most promise for technology transfer, training and education, policy making, or further research.
  • To connect and transfer knowledge to key stakeholders, customising communication methods to end-user needs, and making best use of cost-effective channels for communication.

Deliverables/Expected Outcomes:

  • MarineTT will improve the access to European Union marine research results for Industry, policy makers, multipliers and civil society.
  • EurOcean’s European Marine Research Funded Projects Database to be refined and improved.
  • An Innovation mechanism for the assessment and evaluation of research outputs will be developed. 
  • The key items of knowledge identified from the evaluation of the research outputs will be discussed at thematic workshops; policy, scientific community, education and industry.
  • Knowledge Transfer will be executed via brokerage events and other suitable channels.


  • EurOcean; Portugal
  • AquaTT UETP Ltd; Ireland

 Download the MarineTT project factsheet (PDF)