Seventh Framework Programme (FP7)

For more than 19 years, AquaTT has been a key partner in projects funded by the European Commission. We apply best practice techniques in our leadership and participation. AquaTT facilitates effective interaction between key stakeholders and manages knowledge generated out of European research, with the intention of ensuring maximum exploitation.  

Download here the latest AquaTT's Factsheet (PDF: 961 KB)

Principal activities

  • Research project management
  • Science communication
  • Dissemination
  • Knowledge transfer
  • Education & training
  • Stakeholder consultation

AquaTT’s Added Value

Bringing together an outstanding partnership to undertake much-needed, innovative research may not be enough to ensure success in today’s fiercely competitive climate. Implementation and potential impact of research are of equal importance and AquaTT offers a fully integrated service to our partners in EU project development and implementation to ensure these aspects are incorporated. We add value to support scientific excellence, and to enhance the innovation dimension in research projects, in business, and in society. Our pre- and post-award services help to drive this added value:

Finance and Procurement – Grant Winning

  • Tailor-made grant application text, in particular for implementation & impact sections
  • Customise realistic multi-partner project designs, matched with performance indicators
  • Frame projects in the wider context of European policies and related initiatives

Project Implementation – Full Project Life Cycle

  • Identify and fast track those results with the most potential for transfer
  • Facilitate information flow between partners and to external audiences
  • Moderate online project collaboration tools for effective project management

Leveraging & Multiplying

  • Multiply impact with dissemination and communication activities
  • Apply innovative knowledge transfer methodologies to match results to primary end -users
AquaTT works with scientists through the full project research lifecycle from conceptionton project end. It allows scientists to focus on what they do best, R&D.

AquaTT has an excellent track record:

Our performance in 2011 (in negotiation):


Our performance in 2010:

€14M total value of contracts in which AquaTT is involved; just under €800K total value to AquaTT; Project names: AQUAEXCEL, HEALTHY FUTURES, MG4U.

Our performance in 2009:

    €5.7M total value of contracts in which AquaTT is involved; €1.1M total value to AquaTT; Project names: MARINETT, AQUAMED, AQUAINNOVA, CO-EXIST.

    To read more about how AquaTT can be of benefit to your consortium please click on AquaTT in FP7 2012 (PDF: 1850 KB)