AquaTT is an international foundation which provides project management and training services to support the sustainable development of Europe's aquatic resources.

AquaTT's mission is to bridge the knowledge gap between the dynamic R&D environments and the progressive commercial sector.

AquaTT traditionally worked in the areas of mobility, short vocational training courses, and the development of early-stage researchers and is now broadening out into the areas of marine, energy, food and environment. Read more about AquaTT


Seventh Framework Programme (FP7)


Why partner with AquaTT?




  • Over 19 years of experience in supporting European projects, currently involved in 7 projects in FP7 (partner in 6, coordinator of 1).
  • We specialise in designing best practice work packages related to dissemination, communication, technology transfer, training and stakeholder consultation.
  • We currently offer our skills to consortia carrying out research related to Food, Energy, Environment and all aspects of Marine Research.
  • We are not for profit and classified as an SME (prioritised for funding)
  • We ensure that applications score highly on the “impact” evaluation criteria and if funded we ensure your project has its intended impact by working closely with the scientists in consortia.

To find out more about AquaTT's involvement in EC projects and how we can be of benefit to your consortium please click here.

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