COEXIST (Interaction in coastal waters: A roadmap to sustainable integration of aquaculture and fisheries)




Institute of Marine Research (IMR), Norway
1st April 2010
Duration: 36 months
Funding Programme: 7th Framework Programme (FP7)
Sub-Programme: Co-Operation: Theme 2 Food, Agriculture & Fisheries, and Biotechnology
Funding Scheme: Small or medium-scale focused research project

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Europe’s coastal zones are of great socio-economic value. Population densities are high and coastal zones constitute prime space for development of a range of different activities. They provide a vast supply of food, energy resources, and natural products, and they represent a fertile space for recreation and tourism. The dynamic processes that occur within the coastal zones produce diverse and productive ecosystems which have been of great importance historically for human populations.

However, many of Europe's coastal zones are under pressure to balance competing activities and are a source of potential conflict for space allocation. Stakeholder groups are diverse and extend to fisheries, aquaculture, tourism, wind farms, marine protected areas, and many more. Above all this, is the requirement to preserve a valuable natural resource and meet environmental protection rules and regulations.

COEXIST will promote a harmonized approach to the sustainable use of Europe’s seas and oceans. With the commitment of 13 institutions from 10 European countries, the partnership will provide ecosystem modelling tools to support decision-makers on maritime matters when it comes to managing space. Several case studies from a number of different regions will be under consideration. Each will demonstrate conditions and opportunities for collaboration opportunities of particular importance for aquaculture and coastal fisheries. A roadmap for integration of aquaculture and fisheries with other stakeholder activities in the coastal zone will be an important result.


The main objective of Coexist is to provide a roadmap to better integration, sustainability and synergies across the diverse activities now taking place in the European coastal zone.

Deliverables/Expected Outcomes:

    1.    Characterisation of relevant European coastal marine ecosystems, their current utilisation and spatial management.
    2.    Evaluation of spatial management tools for combining coastal fisheries, aquaculture and other uses, both now and in the future.


    •    Institute of Marine Research (IMR); Norway (COORDINATOR) •    Johann Heinrich von Thünen Institute; Federal Research Institute for Rural Areas, Forestry and Fisheries - Institute of Sea Fisheries (vTI-SFF); Germany •    University College Cork (UCC); Ireland
    •    Institut français de recherche pour l’exploitation de la mer (IFREMER); France
    •    National Institute of Biological Resources (IPIMAR); Portugal
    •    The Institute of Marine Research (IMAR); Portugal
    •    The Game and Fisheries Research Institute (FGFRI); Finland
    •    Consiglio Nazionale Delle Richerche- Istituto Di Scienze Marine (ISMAR-CNR); Italy
    •    Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science (CEFAS); U.K.
    •    Danmarks Tekniske Universitet (DTU Aqua) ; Denmark
    •    Aqua TT UETP Ltd; Ireland
    •    Stichting Dienst Landbouwkundig Onderzoek (SDLO); The Netherlands

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