Applicant co-ordinator: Federation of Greek Maricultures (Greece)
Management co-ordinator: Panos Christofilogiannis, AQUARK (Greece)
: 2010
Duration: 2 years
Funding: EU Lifelong Learning Programme (Leonardo da Vinci - Transfer of Innovation)


The INTRANEMMA project will identify priority vocational skill needs in the Mediterranean mariculture Industry and in response to develop and pilot  innovative sector led programmes specifically for the Mediterranean region, aimed towards improving vocational skills and ensuring sustainability in sea bass and sea bream aquaculture. Building upon a past LDV project (WAVE-Working in Aquaculture Validation of Experience) which created a Master List of competencies endorsed by the Federation of European Aquaculture Producers (FEAP), INTRANEMMA will use the list as a starting point for training needs identification. INTRANEMMA will then adopt the innovative tools and methodologies developed successfully in an EQF sectoral pilot project titled “VALLA” (Validation of All Lifelong Learning in Aquaculture) to develop suitable training using a “learning outcomes” approach in line with EC policy and best practice methodologies. The partnership links the relevant Mediterranean actors, Producer Associations from Greece (FGM), Turkey (MFFA) and Spain (AROMAR), ensuring that the  project is industry led to ensure that the outputs meet the needs of the industry, especially in areas critical for the sectors sustainability.


The aim of INTRANEMMA is to improve the quality and attractiveness of the European VET system by adapting and integrating innovative content and results from the WAVE project, a previous Leonardo da Vinci project, into public and private vocational training systems for mariculture companies in the Mediterranean region. 

The process for transferring WAVE’s innovative training content and results will include the following:

  • User requirements specification (URS) (Work Package 1). Prior to this application, the need for this project has been established.  This work package will progress this basic needs analysis to the next level, by extracting specific end-user requirements.  
  • Selecting, analyzing, and designing innovative content to meet these requirements (Work Package 2).
  • Selecting the most appropriate ways to transfer innovation (Work Package 3).
  • Integrating (and certifying where possible) the innovative approach in regional training systems and the sector-specific training modules (Work Package 4).
  • Project management (Work Package 5)
  • Project promotion & dissemination (Work Package 6)

The Intranemma consortium consists of 5 partners from 5 countries:

  • Applicant Organisation – Federation of Greek Maricultures (Greece)
  • Management co-ordinator – AQUARK (Greece)
  • Core partner – Asociacion Empresarial de Productores de Cultivos Marinos (Spain)
  • Core partner –  MUGLA KULTUR BALIKCILARI (Mugla fish farmers association) (Turkey)
  • Core partner - AQUATT (Ireland)

For more information on this project:


Panos Christofilogiannis email: or Olivia Daly, AquaTT, P.O Box 8989, Dublin2, Ireland Email: Tel: +353 1 644 9008, Fax: +353 1 644 9009