Dr. Joe Kerry 

Deparment of Food and Nutritional Sciences 
University College Cork
Tel: +353 21 4903798





Dr. Joe Kerry is a senior college lecturer and head of the food and packaging research group in the Department of Food and Nutritional Sciences at University College Cork (UCC).He received his Doctorate in Microbiology at University College Galway (UCG) in 1995. Dr. Kerry is also a qualified member of the Institute of Packaging. He is very involved in national and international research projects both at fundamental and applied levels. Primary research interests address various aspects of food packaging, shelf-life stability, food composition and numerous aspects of food quality, particularly in relation to muscle foods (fish, poultry and meat). He also has very strong links with industry and his research team assists companies in relation to many aspects of new product development. He has over 110 publications in peer-reviewed international journals, over 200 presentations at major international conferences, along with several other significant publications.