John Coleman, Treasurer

La Tene Maps
P.O. Box 6098
Dublin 18
Tel: +353 1 2847914


1975 1978:        Bachelor of Arts in Geography and Archaeology

            University College Dublin

1978 1979:        Higher Diploma in Education

            University College Dublin

1979 1980:        Diploma in Photogrammetry

            Dept. of Topographic Science, University of Glasgow

1980 1981        Master of Applied Science in Topographic Science

            Dept. of Topographic Science, University of Glasgow

La Tene Maps is an Irish and Scottish based thematic map & poster producer and supplier. We work mainly in the fields of Aquaculture, Fisheries, Oil and Gas Exploration, Energy/Power Generation, Marine Environment and Leisure Subjects. We produce and publish a range of maps and posters for clients and ourselves.

The company's research arm is active in its own right and participates in EU research projects as well as research projects for Government departments, state bodies and private companies.

1. Pisces Project. 2003-2004

A Leonardo da Vinci project on Education Training and Technology Transfer in Aquaculture with partners from, Norway, France, Belgium, Italy, Greece, Spain and Ireland. La Tene Maps was a partner and had sole responsibility for the research design and production of 9 posters relating to European Aquaculture.

2. Euseafood.  2003-2004

A Transnational Fisheries Projects administered by DG Fish. La Tene Maps was coordinator of the project which included partners from Ireland, United Kingdom, Greece and Portugal. This project set up a database and website on Approved fish Processing premises as defined under the EU 91/492 and 91/493 Directives for Ireland, United Kingdom, Portugal and Greece. This project resulted in the searchable website The site functions as a chain supplier for fish for the processing industry as well as being a traceability tool for public use from consumer back to processor. Information is included on approved premises in countries outside the EU.

3. Trident 2004 - 2005

An Interreg Atlantic project on Marine Centres of Excellence along the Atlantic Arc. The consortium was made up with Partners from Ireland, United Kingdom, France, Spain and Portugal. La Tene is one of the Irish Partners. Its responsibility was production of database on Irish Companies and solely responsible for the Project Directory. La Tene was also responsible for getting International delegates to the Project  Workshop on Marine Renewables in Cork in October 2004.

4. Fish-Tracenet 2004-2005

A Transnational Fisheries Projects administered by DG Fish. La Tene Maps was a partner in the project which also included partners from France, Germany, Spain and Norway. The main deliverable of this project is a website on European Resources for Traceability. The project has three main areas, Traceability Legislation, Traceability Research Projects and Publications and Organisations producing a product used in Traceability or organisations involved in Traceability. La Tenne Maps is a work package leader in this project.

5. Keyzones 2005-2007

This is a craft project with partners from Ireland, United Kingdom, Portugal and the Netherlands. The project is about carrying capacities of bays for shellfish production. La Tene Maps is responsible for commercialization of any product/ model which is to be produced and is responsible for the Irish Workshop/seminar on Carrying capacities to be held in Westport in September 2006.