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Date: 30 Apr 2009


April 2009

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Due to the overwhelming amount of Events in the Maritime sector, AquaTT decided to provide you with a supplement to the AquaTT Training News, specifically for the Announcements. The Announcements supplement is sent out together with Training News. Please CLICK HERE to go to the archived Announcement Supplements. Please CLICK HERE for the AquaTT Calendar which gives you a comprehensive overview of all events in the sector.

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Free Maritime Archaeology Access and Learning Workshops, 12-13 May 2009, Southampton (UK)

The workshop introduces the subject of Maritime Archaeology. It is free of charge and will encourage the sharing of ideas and best practice in events and activity planning with focus on maritime archaeology and education and outreach.

For more information please visit or contact Christin Heamagi

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SustainAqua courses for Freshwater aquaculture farmers, May - July 2009, Various locations

In the frame of SustainAqua, 22 training seminars for aquaculture farmers and engineers will take place in 8 European countries between May and July 2009. (Hungary, Sweden, Denmark, Poland, Germany, Spain, Austria, Turkey). Click here for more information. They also will offer 2 e-learning seminars, especially directed to beginners in the sector, end of June and early July. Click here for more information.

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FineFish Training Course on prevention of malformations in rainbow trout, 19-20 May 2009, Billund (Denmark)

To register for the Rainbow Trout Training please visit Registration deadline is the 9th of May. 

For more information visit

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Workshop  ‘Game Theoretic Applications in Fisheries’ 4-6 June 2009, (Esbjerg), Denmark

The workshop will include both theoretical and empirical considerations in game theoretical modeling in fisheries economics and management. A reminder that the deadline for enrolment is 13th of May.

For further information about the course or FAME visit or contact

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CEEPUS Summer Course 2009 HU-03 @groen Network, 27 July - 5 August 2009, Gödöllő, (Hungary)

The Department of Aquaculture, Szent Istvan University, and CEEPUS are inviting undergraduate and graduate students, researchers and teachers as well as other specialists interested in the field of reproduction and breeding of freshwater native fish species. Deadline for registration: 10th of June, 2009.

Applicants must apply via website. For more information click here.

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ICES workshop “Introduction to Stock assessment”, 3-7 August 2009, Copenhagen V (Denmark)

The general objective of the course is to train stock assessment scientists and advisors in basic population dynamics and stock assessment. On-line registation is at The deadline for the submission of applications is 12 June 2009.

For more information please visit

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One day workshop - Seafood safety and shelf-life prediction, 15 September 2009, Lyngby (Denmark)

This workshop focuses on the practical use of computer software to manage seafood safety and quality. Visit for further details and registration. Deadline for registration is 24 August 2009.

For further information about the workshop contact Paw Dalgaard at e-mail, phone +45-45 25 25 66

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Workshop on Ocean Biology Observatories, 16-18 September 2009, Mestre (Italy)

The goal of the workshop is to bring together biologists, the observing community, and the technology community to develop ocean biology observatories that could address the challenges of observing ocean life and its response to global change. Early registration ideadline: 1 July 2009 is at

For more information contact Ed Urban or visit

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MSc Coastal & Marine Resource Management, University of Portsmouth (UK)

This is an ideal Masters programme for those seeking to work in coastal planning, marine resource management, maritime policy and law or conservation. The programme is accredited by RICS and is available as a one year full-time or two years part-time.

Further information and download available at:, telephone 023 9284 2555 or email

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MSc in ‘International Marine Environmental Consultancy’ Newcastle University (UK)

A unique combination of marine environmental science and in-depth taught management, consultancy and enterprise skills are offered, the latter reinforced by hands-on experience during a competitive consultancy project undertaken with a leading industrial partner. The MSc culminates in a 4 month internship with a UK/EU or International consultancy. Apply online for September 2009 at  

For more information please visit or contact Miss Vicky Coulson at or +44 (0)191 222 6661

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MSc in ‘Tropical Coastal Management’, Newcastle University (UK)

This programme offers advanced training and hands-on experience in coastal management and marine science. Apply online for September 2009 at:

For more information please visit or contact Miss Vicky Coulson at or +44 (0)191 222 6661

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EPA Doctoral Scholarship Scheme 2009, Ireland

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) invites proposals for doctoral scholarships to support environmental research leading to the award of a Ph.D. Applications may relate to marine related research. Closing date is 5 May 2009.

For more information and call documentation please visit or contact Sarah Kavanagh

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AQUA-TNET2 – bringing stakeholders in Aquaculture together

Industry, Research, Consumer and Student representatives of the Aquaculture, Fisheries and Aquatic Resource Management sector in Europe will come together in Ghent University on 18 and 19 May to discuss their needs and concerns with the education network AQUA-TNET. In the past few weeks, AQUA-TNET’s working groups have made a start discussing all aspects of higher education related to the Bologna reform. Working meetings have been held in Ab! erdeen, Barcelona, Norway, Ghent and Lisbon, working on specific aspects for the benefit of the whole education sector in the covered sectors. With the stakeholder meeting, communication channels between sector stakeholders on the one hand and learning providers on the other hand are set up, assuring constant transfer of latest knowledge.

For more information on the network, please check:

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Please check the AquaTT Calendar

Please check for a comprehensive overview of all Marine Sector related events, including details. Due to the overwhelming amount of Events in the Maritime sector, AquaTT decided to provide you with a supplement to the AquaTT Training News, specifically for the Announcements. The Announcements supplement is sent out out together with Training News. Please CLICK HERE to go to the archived Announcement Supplements.

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Aqua Nor 2009 & Norwegian Aquaculture Tours, 16-25 August 2009, Trondheim, Norway

ACG is organising a full week of activities in and around the Aqua Nor trade show followed by three optional tours showcasing Norwegian science & technology.

For more information please visit

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Commission publishes long-awaited EU aquaculture strategy

With this new strategy, the Commission intends to give fresh political impetus and leadership to the sustainable development of the European aquaculture sector. The strategy identifies 3 main objectives and the actions necessary to achieve them. The strategy is available for download at

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Straight from the Press Room of the Bologna Process Ministerial Meeting Leuven 28-29 April 2009

The Ministerial Communique from the 5th Bologna Ministerial Meeting raises some issues which will be of interest to Training News subscribers involved in higher education. While it 'takes stock of the achievements', it also admits that 'not all the objectives had been achieved and that the full and proper implementation at European, national and institutional level will require increased momentum and commitment beyond 2010' (para.7). Its priorities include facing the challenge of "accelerated technological developments with new providers, new learners and new types of learning' (para.2). Higher education priorities must include ' the implementation of lifelong learning policies, with strong partnerships between public authorities and higher education institutes', leaning heavily on the European University Association Charter on Lifelong Learning'. (para. 11).

To read more, please visit the official Bologna website at Download the Communique for yourself:é_April_2009.pdf

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Database on Community funded projects in maritime regions

The Policy Research Corporation is carrying out a project to set up a ‘Database on Community funded projects in maritime regions’. They would be pleased if you could indicate projects which the European Aquaculture Society believes could be considered as best practice maritime projects and are: 1) Funded by one/more European funding instruments 2) Funded within the periods 2000-2006/2007-2013 and approved before 12/2008 and 3) Located within a European Member State.

Please contact directly Jeroen Spruyt at or visit the website

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Aquaculture International journal needs you!

Gavin Burnell and Peter Bossier are launching a new section in the journal “Aquaculture International” called “Perspectives”. They are looking for papers that shortly describe in which direction a particular area of research is likely to develop. They are encouraging EAS members to send them material for publishing and think that “the state of the art and progress beyond” as required by FP7 project proposals could be ideal for that.

Please send material to Gavin at

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A new Online Shellfish Simulation Tool - WinShell

Longline Environment Ltd in the UK have launched WinShell, a free shellfish simulation tool for individual growth of oysters, mussels, and clams, designed for shellfish farmers and water managers. You can use WinShell by simply clicking on the button at To use the full model, you need to register.

Please contact Rui Gomes Ferreira for more information.

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The First Interactive Community Devoted Exclusively to Aquaculture -

This website was created to bring the aquaculture community together so that all can participate in discussions related to the many areas of interest associated with this industry.

If you are interested in becoming a contributor to the site please contact Mike Osterhout at

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Job vacancies, MSc & PhD vacancies and student placements on WWW.PISCESTTJOBS.COM

PISCES TT jobs is a valuable free tool for employers, employees & students in the aquatic resources. Its service aims to foster an efficient means by which to link job-seekers, students, graduates and others seeking work and placements in the aquaculture, fisheries, and related sciences sectors with companies and organisations seeking qualified employees. 

Employers can post job vacancies (including permanent, temporary job vacancies, MSc/PhD and student placement positions) and job-seekers can post CVs, thus facilitating human resource development in the industry.

At the moment there are 20 new vacancies:

If you are interested in posting a job vacancy or registering for the service, please go to or contact

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Student Corner

Student submissions to AquaTT Training News

We welcome submissions from current students interested in presenting their views and experiences on the industry and education in Europe. The AquaTT Training News newsletter reaches almost 4500 recipients on a monthly basis and will serve as a good forum to get your ideas out to the differing sectors involved in the industry. An email stating your background and the potential title of your article can be sent to Marieke Reuver at for review.

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