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Date: 31 Jan 2009


January 2009

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1. Education

2. Collaboration

3. Announcements

Due to the overwhelming amount of Events in the Maritime sector, AquaTT decided to provide you with a supplement to the AquaTT Training News, specifically for the Announcements. The Announcements supplement is sent out together with Training News. Please CLICK HERE to go to the archived Announcement Supplements. Please CLICK HERE for the AquaTT Calendar which gives you a comprehensive overview of all events in the sector.

4. Other/Vacancies


Practical short course: Aquafeed Platform Aquaculture feed extrusion, nutrition & feed formulation, 26-27 February 2009, Ghent (Belgium)

The 8th practical short course Aquafeed Platform Aquaculture feed extrusion, nutrition & feed formulation will be held in Het Pand of Ghent University (Belgium).

For more information please check:

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Advanced course: Methodologies for fisheries stock assessment in the Mediterranean, 16-20 March 2009, Zaragoza (Spain)

The objective of the course is to train stock assessment scientists and advisors in advanced approaches and tools that are better adapted to the nature of Mediterranean fisheries. The course is intended not only to present the theoretical elements but also to guide participants on how to put theory into practice through case studies and hands-on exercises on the computer.

For more information, please check

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Towards participatory fisheries governance, 16 March - 03 April 2009, Wageningen (the Netherlands)

In this training course cases of fi�sheries co-management will be analysed to determine the conditions for success. The implications of choosing for this approach will be examined, and the toolbox available to the fisheries manager to regulate fishing effort will be discussed.

For more information:

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International Symposium and EFI+ Workshop: Improving the ecological status of fish communities in inland waters, 30 March - 3 April 2009, Hull (UK)

Along with disseminating the results of the EFI+ project to the scientific community, administrators, and stakeholders; the symposium will extend the discussion on the strategies needed to implement successfully current environmental legislation with respect to improving the status of fish communities.  In addition to the symposium a one-day workshop (3rd April 2009) for managers and end-users will be held to present and use the tools produced in the EFI+ project.

Interested parties should register for the event via the HIFI website ( ) or email

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Fisheries data collection and analysis, 6 - 24 April 2009, Wageningen (the Netherlands)

In this course participants will learn to appraise what information is essential (both socio-economic and fisheries science information). Techniques to collect socio-economic information will be taught, and participants are guided to develop a more analytical attitude towards fisheries data and catch/effort information.

For more information:

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Professional training course: Design of breeding programs for aquaculture, 21-23 April 2009, Wageningen (the Netherlands)

The aim of this 3-day course is to provide people working in the field of fish (re)production with the knowledge that will enable them to design a simple breeding program, evaluate the costs and benefits of a breeding program, and to discuss sophisticated breeding programs with professional breeding organizations. Education will be a mix of lectures and computer practicals. Participants will be asked to design a breeding program (in small groups) of their own choice, which will be plenary discussed. Registration through the website:

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Workshop: The ontogeny of the fish immune system, 4-5 May 2009, University of Copenhagen (Denmark)

The Danish Fish Immunology Research Network, in collaboration with the research school SCOFDA (Sustainable Control of Fish Diseases in Aquaculture) will organise a two day workshop - the ontogeny of the fish immune system - at the University of Copenhagen, Faculty of Life Sciences, Frederiksberg C, Denmark on May 4 and 5, 2009.  Fish immunologists and fish disease specialists will give a series of invited lectures but submitted papers are also welcome.

Deadline for registration is: April 1, 2009

Please register with Kurt Buchmann at

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2009 InterRidge Student and Postdoctoral Fellowship Program

InterRidge has partnered with the International Seabed Authority for the 2009 InterRidge Student and Postdoctoral Fellowship Program.  As part of our mission to promote international, collaborative, and interdisciplinary studies of oceanic spreading centers, we invite proposals for research grants of up to $5,000 US each.  The Call for Proposals and application forms are available at:

Questions? Please contact the InterRidge Coordinator (

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MSc Coastal and Marine Resource Management - University of Portsmouth (UK)

The University of Portsmouth offer an ideal Masters programme for those seeking to work in coastal planning, marine resource management, maritime policy and law or conservation. Course themes are Coastal Zone Management, Resource Management and Valuation, Policy and Institutional Frameworks, Physical Processes, Shoreline management, and Law of the Sea. Available one year full-time or two years part-time.

Further information and download available at:

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MSc Courses on topical issues: Environment, Marine Resources and Climate Change, Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh (UK)

A suite of multi-disciplinary 12-month Masters courses is available at Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh from September 2009. SAAS studentships for EU students, and some scholarships for overseas applicants are available for the following courses:
- Marine Resource Development and Protection
- Marine Biodiversity & Biotechnology
- Climate Change: Managing the Marine Environment
- Climate Change: Impacts and Mitigation

For more information please check:

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International Maritime Training Trust (IMTT): provides training and education for seafarers

The International Maritime Training Trust (IMTT) is providing fully sponsored cadet training programmes which will minimize cost in times when training budgets are under pressure. Take advantage of industry funds to continue cadet training programmes in the face of a recession.

For more information:

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Development of the European Aquaculture Technology & Innovation Platform (EATIP)

European aquaculture stakeholders agreed that important research and technological development (RTD) and innovation actions have to be taken in order to assure the growth and sustainability of European aquaculture (November 2007). Following the decision to create a European Technology Platform for Aquaculture to assist and implement such actions, 2008 has provided clear progress towards the realisation of this ambitious exercise.

Presided by Gustavo Larrazabal A. (Tinamenor SL Spain), the EATIP Board that was nominated at the Stakeholder meeting has worked throughout the year to provide solid foundations for establishing this entity and its ambitious goals. The platform will promote technical and economic excellence as the basis for the leadership potential of European aquaculture at the global level. The Board has met on 4 occasions during the last year, preparing and implementing the first stages of the actions anticipated of the Platform, including its formal registration. The Platform has been named the EUROPEAN AQUACULTURE TECHNOLOGY & INNOVATION PLATFORM (EATIP) and its main objectives are:
- To enable stakeholders of relevant economic and societal interests to identify together the innovation challenges for their collective interests.
- To develop a STRATEGIC RESEARCH AGENDA that responds to the challenges identified.
- To implement the results of appropriate RTD through effective dissemination and technology transfer mechanisms.

Please CLICK HERE for the full press release.

For more information on the EATIP:

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Find PhD theses in aquaculture and related sectors on the new and innovative AQUA-TNET PhD portal

The AQUA-TNET PhD-Database has recently been set up to gather scientific and background information on finished doctoral research work in the marine sector throughout Europe. It is constructed as a valuable information and research tool, with a structure as compact and transparent as possible. You can find (links to) full PhD - manuscripts, abstracts, related articles and author information. When available and free of copyright and privacy hampering, on-demand video streaming of the PhD - defence is possible.

The PhD database is one of the many results of the AQUA-TNET network; the Thematic Network in the field of Aquaculture, Fisheries and Aquatic Resource Management: 

If you have any question, suggestion or you want to submit data for the PhD - Database, feel free to contact
The database can be found at:


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Exciting new phase for AQUA-TNET

AQUA-TNET, the Thematic Network in the field of Aquaculture, Fisheries and Aquatic Resource Management, is growing in activity and relevance. The EC approved co-funding for the second phase, which started with a Steering Committee Meeting in Ghent in January 2009.

We now have an excellent opportunity to build upon the first phase and continue this long running network (1996-2008). The new programme (2008-11) will allow us to continue the important work of helping the sectors we cover contribute to the creation of a European Higher Education Area. The renewal will allow us to review priorities and activities and make any improvements necessary to help meet the needs of all stakeholders.

For more information on the network, please check:


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The Lindsay Laird Student Award for innovation in aquaculture

The first Lindsay Laird Student Award for innovation in aquaculture was won by Ms Sabine Keuter of the University of Hamburg for her poster, "Inhibitory effects of plastics and nitrate on nitrification in aquacultural biofilters". The award, set up by AquaTT in memory of Lindsay Laird, an outstanding individual whose achievements are an inspiration to us all, was presented by Dr Selina Stead, President of the European Aquaculture Society, at the EAS International Conference in Krakow, September 2008.

Sabine received the Award, consisting of 750 euro, for which she bought a camera, a harddrive and a diving computer. Wiley Blackwell contributed with a book of choice.


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Please check the AquaTT Calendar

Please check for a comprehensive overview of all Marine Sector related events, including details. Due to the overwhelming amount of Events in the Maritime sector, AquaTT decided to provide you with a supplement to the AquaTT Training News, specifically for the Announcements. The Announcements supplement is sent out out together with Training News. Please CLICK HERE to go to the archived Announcement Supplements.

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In memoriam: Ibrahim Okumus

It is with great sadness that we heard of the early death of Professor Ibrahim Okumus of the University of Rize in Turkey, at the end of last year. He was a partner in many of AquaTT's projects for many years. It is a great loss that will be felt by many people across Turkey and Europe.

Ibrahim was one of the scientific pioneers of Turkish aquaculture and worked tirelessly to promote its sustainable development - both at a national level and also internationally, notably through the FAO European Inland Fisheries Advisory Commission.

Those of us who had worked with him before knew him, not only as one of the foremost specialists in aquaculture research in Turkey, but also as a charming and modest personality with a great sense of humour. His courage, endurance and resilience in the face of his illness is something that we shall not forget.

He will be greatly missed and our thoughts and prayers go to him and to his loved ones.

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Proposal for a Breeding and Reproduction Aquaculture Network

It is proposed to create a pilot Network bringing together the aquaculture industry and academics active in the fields of breeding and reproduction. The objective of the Network is to strengthen the capacity of innovation of the European aquaculture industry in the above areas. Strong interactions with the EATIP ( and the Farm Animal Breeding and Reproduction Technology Platform ( are desirable to get a comprehensive view of the industrial needs and ensure a coherent research and development strategy. In this context, the proposed Network becomes the best support to link effectively and in a credible way the two platforms.
For more information please check:

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UKDMOS - UK Directory of Marine Observing Systems

UKDMOS is a web-based searchable application of marine monitoring programmes conducted by the UK which provides information to raise awareness and improve coordination of marine monitoring. The database at the core of the application holds 240 monitoring programmes conducted by government organisations, universities, government agencies, and commercial organisations that operate over the world's oceans. UKDMOS is being used by the whole marine community to identify where monitoring coordination may be more efficient and therefore save resources such as ship time.

Contact for further information.

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ICES EcoSystemData

The online EcoSystemData application (BETA) is a facility for querying, visualizing, and downloading marine environmental data held in the ICES Data Centre. This application contains marine environmental data featuring:
- North-East Atlantic, Greenland sea, Baltic sea and Norwegian sea
- Contaminants in biota, sediment and water, fish disease and biological communities
- Data spanning the years 1978-2007
- Functionality including mapping, downloading data & web services

Please check:

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FishTechDB: a new bibliographical database of topics related to fish technology

FishTechDB is a new bibliographical database of topics related to fish technology. This database is available as a public service to the global seafood community.

An introduction to FishTechDB is located at:

The actual Excel file containing over 9,000 entries is listed at:

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New series of (largely free) resources @ the International Fisheries Law and Policy Portal (IFLPP)

A new series of (largely free) resources is available at the International Fisheries Law and Policy Portal (IFLPP): IFLPP includes the following resources:
- an updated version of the Internet Guide to International Fisheries Law (IGIFL) ( a free 8000 page/document resource providing documents, information and reviews of international law and policy documents and materials)
- an interactive Research Centre, as a forum for information and knowledge exchange on international and national fisheries events and materials, including library materials (with synergies to the FAO OneFish database) and
- a free monthly newsletter - IFLPP Updater - providing a round up current legal and policy developments

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CALL: Marie Curie International Research Staff Exchange Scheme, deadline: 27 March 2009

This scheme supports strengthened research partnerships through staff exchanges and networking activities. Partnerships must include at least two independent participants established in different member states or associated countries and one or more organisations either located in countries with which the Community has an S&T agreement or are in the process of negotiating one, or in countries covered by the European Neighbourhood Policy. Grants will be provided for between 24 and 48 months. Exchanges may last for up to 12 months.

Closing Deadline: 17:00 (Brussels local time) on 27 March 2009.


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CALL DG Mare: "Studies for carrying out the common fisheries policy"

DG MARE has launched a new call for studies and pilot projects for carrying out the Common Fisheries Policy. Please click on the following link to find all the relevant information regarding tender forms and specifications:

Deadline for submitting tenders: March 20, 2009

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CALL: EU-CANADA Transatlantic Exchange Partnerships (TEP) Programme, deadline: 1 April 2009

In the context of the European Union - Canada Framework for Co-operation in Higher Education, Training and Youth (EU-Canada Programme) a new call for proposals has been launched to fund joint study and/or training Programmes allowing transatlantic exchanges between European and Canadian education institutions.

Background information about the programme:

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Job vacancies, MSc & PhD vacancies and student placements on WWW.PISCESTTJOBS.COM

PISCES TT jobs is a valuable free tool for employers, employees & students in the aquatic resources. Its service aims to foster an efficient means by which to link job-seekers, students, graduates and others seeking work and placements in the aquaculture, fisheries, and related sciences sectors with companies and organisations seeking qualified employees. 

Employers can post job vacancies (including permanent, temporary job vacancies, MSc/PhD and student placement positions) and job-seekers can post CVs, thus facilitating human resource development in the industry.

At the moment there are 13 new vacancies:


If you are interested in posting a job vacancy or registering for the service, please go to or contact

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