Lyndsay Laird Award for innovation in aquaculture 2009

Author: AquaTT

Date: 23 Sep 2009

The Lyndsay Laird Student Award 2009 has been won by Mr Gonçalo Santos, student at Wageningen University, Aquaculture and Fisheries group (the Netherlands) for his poster Effects of dissolved carbon dioxide on energy metabolism and stress response in European sea bass (Dicentrarchus labrax). The award, set up by AquaTT in memory of an outstanding individual whose achievements are an inspiration to us all, was presented by Dr Selina Stead, President of the European Aquaculture Society, at the EAS International Conference in Trondheim, Norway on August 16th. The award entitles the winner to select a laptop (to the value of 500 Euros) of his choice, as well as choosing an appropriate publication from Springer.

In 2008, AquaTT set up the Lindsay Laird Student Award for innovation in aquaculture  to be awarded for the most innovative poster (in English) submitted by a student concerning research in several areas, especially environmental impact in aquaculture, new candidate species, hatcheries/early life history, stock production, fish diseases, new technologies and genetics/genomics.

Lindsay Laird was a remarkable woman, moving easily between the rival spheres of teaching, research and industry, and excelling in all three. A high achiever, relishing being the first with the latest, she nevertheless hugely enjoyed her contacts with people at all levels in all three areas. She was generous with her ideas, triggering numerous research projects as colleagues approached her always open office door. She virtually ran an unofficial one-woman employment agency handling enquiries from fish farms looking for personnel or advising students or ex-students.

In the words of Professor Priede, Lindsay's husband: "Lindsay Laird will not be forgotten by the many whose lives she touched".

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