Workshop: Carrying Capacity Tools, Results and User Perspectives

Author: AquaTT

Date: 11 Jun 2007


Date: Wednesday, July 11th 2007, 9.30am 3.30pm

Venue: Geological Survey of Ireland, Haddington Road, Dublin 4, Ireland

Please CLICK HERE for the press article of the Carrying Capacity Workshop.

This workshop was organised by Aqua TT on behalf of Clew Bay Marine Forum, South East Shellfish Co-op & La Tene Maps, and sponsored by Bord Iascaigh Mhara (BIM) and the Marine Institute and members of the EU funded Keyzones Project.

This one day Workshop was a follow on from the successful one day Conference held in Westport, Co. Mayo last September. This workshop assumed participants have no prior knowledge about carrying capacity, which may be defined as the ability to maintain animal and plant life within a discrete area in such a way that the ecosystem remains in equilibrium. Applied to aquaculture, it is about the ability of a particular area to support shellfish and/or finfish production in a sustainable way.

Participation was open to anyone who is interested in the coastal zone and wants to find out more about carrying capacity studies, single bay management or an ecosystem approach to bay management. Audiences included users of the marine, such as fishermen, aquaculturists, and those involved in environmental & water monitoring, and coastal zone modelling & planning.

The conference was particularly relevant, in light of the State now planning and implementing carrying capacity studies for most of the major bays in the country. Similar studies are currently underway in bays in Ireland North and South and several are completed or nearing completion. 

Speaker Panel

  • John Coleman - La Tene Maps, Dublin, Ireland
  • Aad Smaal - Netherlands Institute for Fishery research (RIVO), the Netherlands
  • Joeren Wijsman - Netherlands Institute for Fishery reasearch (RIVO), the Netherlands
  • Maarten Kuipjer - Stichting Waterloopkundig Laboratorium, Delft, the Netherlands
  • Ana Sequeira - IMAR - Institute of Marine Research, Portugal
  • Thom Nickell - Scottish Association for Marine Science, UK
  • Dennis Gowland - NBS Scotland, Coordinator, Keyzones Project, UK
  • Anthony Hawkins - Plymouth Marine Laboratory, UK
  • Niall O'Bolye from Clew Bay Marine Forum, Ireland
  • Alan Berry, MarCon Computations International Ltd., Galway, Ireland
  • Dr. Gavin Burnell, University College Cork, Ireland


Wednesday  11th July 2007

9.30 10.00     Registration

10.00         Formal Welcome to Dublin
Gavin Burnell, Director, AquaTT, Dept. of Zoology, University College Cork, Ireland

10.10         Conference Introduction
Mr. John Coleman - Director, AquaTT / Chief Executive, La Tene Maps, Dublin, Ireland

10.15         Introduction to the Keyzones Project
Mr. Dennis Gowland - Research Relay, Orkney, UK

                  The Keyzones Project (1)
10.30         Investigation of sustainable biological carrying capacities of key European coastal zones

1. Clew Bay, FARM  screening model results
2. Loch Creran EcoWin 2000 model results

Mr. Anthony Hawkins - Plymouth Marine Laboratory, UK
Ana M. M. Sequiera - IMAR - Institute of Marine Research, Portugal
J. G. Ferreira - IMAR - Institute of Marine Research, Portugal

                  The Keyzones Project (2)
10.50         General concept of carrying capacity modelling using Delft3D
Maarten Kuijper - Stichting Waterloopkundig, Delft, the Netherlands

11.10         Discussion / Questions

11.20 - 11.40     Coffee

11.40         Capacity for sustainable shellfish production in the Netherlands
Aad Small - Netherlands Institute for Fisheries Research (RIVO)
Jeroen Wijsman - Netherlands Institute for Fisheries Research (RIVO)

12.10         Biological Issues for the Management of Irish Sea Mussel Seed
Dr. Gavin Burnell - Dept. of Zoology, University College Cork, Ireland

12.45         Discussion/Roundup

13.00 - 14.15    Lunch

14.15         Update on Carrying Capacity Studies undertaken for BIM
Alan Berry - MarCon Computations International Ltd, Ireland

14.20         Validation and Ground Truthing models
Thom Nickell - Scottish Association for Marine Science, Oban, Scotland

14.40        A local Marine initiative Adapting a broad and flexible outlook
Mr. Niall O' Boyle - Clew Bay Marine Forum

14.50         Shellfish Growers Perspectives
An open discussion on grower expectations and benefits from Carrying Capacity Studies.

15.00         Discussion/Roundup 

15.15         Conference Close


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