AQUALAB Training Course - University of Stirling, Scotland, January 15-20, 2006

Author: Lorraine Rafferty, Project Officer

Date: 18 Nov 2005

The new and exciting laboratory-based “Aquatic Animal Disease Diagnostics" training course is the fifth in the AquaTT-led, Marie Curie funded series known as AQUALABS. It will be hosted at the Aquaculture Technology Centre, Institute of Aquaculture at the University of Stirling, Scotland. The Veterinary Diagnostic Service at the Institute of Aquaculture, Stirling University is committed to providing a dedicated and leading role in the support of worldwide aquaculture and fisheries. Work is carried out with individuals, companies and organisations to develop and provide total health management ensuring high standards of veterinary care and attention.

Targeted at PhD level students and early-stage researchers in companies and educational institutes, a significant number of funded places are available on the course and thus, all interested parties are invited to apply early in order to be able to benefit from this generous offer. Part and parcel of the educational experience within Marie Curie is the opportunity for young researchers to exchange and discuss ideas and meet leading experts in the field of research.

The closure date for applications is December 2, 2005. Applications must be submitted before the deadline, by e-mail, to AquaTT at

For further information contact Lorraine Rafferty, Project Officer, at

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